Tailgater's Parking

Parking available .25 miles from Lambeau Field - with 16 spots available, a heated garage with 2 big-screen TVs for pre-game entertainment, guest restrooms, and a Custom Photo Booth! This is the perfect place to enjoy some pre-game food and good times!

Got Questions?

Check out our FAQ section or send us a message!


How much are the photo booth photos?

A.Each photo is $5 and include the game date and who played on the picture.

How do you process payments?

A.We utilize Venmo for payments if you need other option. Please reach out with a message above.

What information do you need?

A.We need to know the game date, time of arrival, first & last name, phone number, car make, model, and color, and number of spots needed.

What if I have have a camper, bus or other larger vehicle?

A.No problem! BUT... please reach out to us directly so that we can make sure to accommodate the parking changes we need to make.

***If you don't do this and book and pay for a standard size parking spot - you are NOT guaranteed a parking spot and additionally would NOT qualify for a refund.

What if I want to book parking for more than one game?

A.No problem! You will simply need to fill go through the process however many times you would need game parking. By click on the link above that says "Click Here to Book Your Parking Spot"