Part of the fun of a photo booth is trying out tons of different props, facial expressions, and poses! A photo booth is all about expressing yourself and having a great time, however a lot of the time people get in front of the camera and have no idea what to do.  We get it, it’s not that easy to get in front of the camera and think of creative poses on the fly!  So today, we are gonna give you a list of some of our favorite poses for you to use the next time you step in front of that photo booth camera!

Duck Lips

This is all about the facial expression!  Duck lips are popular on social media so you’ve probably seen them around.  Just pucker up your lips and you’re good to go!

The Smooch

This is a great couple pose.  Grab your partner and plant one on them! The pictures come out really sweet and it’s a quick and easy pose to use on the fly!

Charlie's Angels

 This one is a pop-culture classic.  The Charlie’s Angels pose includes 2 or 3 people back to back with finger guns in front of their chests.

The Sandwich

This one is for a group of three where one person stands in the middle and the other two stand on either side and plant a kiss on the middle person's cheeks.

Stiff as a Board

This pose is reminiscent of that old sleep-over game light as a feather, stiff as a board.  This one is for a group, and one member of the group lays as stiff as they can across the hands of the rest of the group while they hold them up.


This pose is as simple as the name! You just hop in front of the camera and dance it out!  

The Dip

This is another dancing pose, but it’s an absolute classic.  Just grab a friend or loved one and dip them back for a pose that can be either playful or intimate. Either way it looks great!

Scared Pose

This is another one that's all about the facial expressions.  Grab a friend or two and show the camera your best shocked/scared face!

The Peek-A-Boo

 For this pose, you’ll need a prop.  You can use it to either peek out or hide your face completely.

The Photobomb

This one is a fan favorite! For the photobomb, you’ll need to have someone (or a few someones) posing towards the back of the photo and another person jumping in the front as the photo is taken.

The Piggyback

Everyone knows what a piggyback ride is, and this pose is just that.  Grab a friend and have them hop on your back (or vice versa) for a cute and playful pose.

Gun Show

This one is all about the flex! So show the camera what you’ve got!

Blow a Kiss

 Pucker up and blow the camera a kiss for a fun and flirty photo!

The Hat Tip

 For the hat tip you’ll obviously need to grab a hat and you can either lightly grasp the brim or tip the hat completely, both options make for a great pic!

The Group Hug

This pose is all about the love.  Grab your friends or family and squeeze them tight!

Peace Signs

This is probably the most popular pose we see in our booth. It’s simple, just throw up that peace sign and smile!

Faux Fight

Show off your acting chops with this one! Grab a friend and fake a fight!

Heart Hands

This one can be done on your own or with a friend or loved one.  Just hold your hands together in the shape of a heart to show your love.

Conga Line

Line up one behind the other with your hands on the hips of the person in front of you like you’re about to make your way across the dance floor.

Having a Party?

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