When you hear the words photo booth, what image does that bring to mind?  Let me guess, a small box with curtains on either side where you can squish in with a friend (or two if you really squeeze). Then, as you’re trying to squeeze everyone in the frame, “Snap! Snap! Snap!” the pictures are taken, and that’s that! You walk out, grab your tiny strip of photos and go on your merry way whether the images are great or not.

Thankfully, the photo booth times have changed! No more stuffy box and photos with half of your face cut out!  These days, a professional photo booth is more like a photo shoot than a crummy old box.  Our photo booths are comprised of a professional photo backdrop (you can choose from our many selections), and a high-quality DSLR camera mounted on a tripod and connected to a computer that runs photo booth software that tells the camera when to take the shots. Each photo booth rental includes a trained attendant for the duration of your rental who can assist your guests with accessing their photos. This type of setup provides a much better photo booth experience and a much higher-quality picture.  Our photo booth setup takes up approximately 200 sq ft of space, giving you ample room to fit a large group into your shots and keep everyone fully in the frame! 

Now bigger, better, and more modern isn’t all that makes a Snap N Pics photo booth superior to the old box style ones. Today, we will talk about some of the truly fantastic features that our photo booths have to offer!


One of my favorite things about modern photo booths is that they are so incredibly versatile! Before your event, you will be allowed to choose two different themes out of the many we have to offer.  These choices will help determine what backdrop your photo booth will have and what props we will provide to your guests to take their photos. The different themes can make for a really fun set of pictures at the end of the night.  Your guests can choose from cowboy hats, sequined hats, feather boas, giant sunglasses, and a myriad of different signs with fun sayings and silly quotes. Or, if you want to keep things a little on the classier side, you can opt for gold foil champagne flutes, bow ties on a stick, and gorgeous script font signs that will create photos that are pretty and fun. Or you can go full-themed; for a big game night party, you can have team-specific props, or for a 1920’s costume party, you can choose a flapper theme. The options are so wide-ranging, and at Snap N Pics, we genuinely enjoy working with you to get the style and experience that you’re looking for.

Digital Photos

For those of us who still kind of like the nostalgia of the photo booth photo strips, don’t worry! We haven’t done away with those entirely! You can still print your photos off right at the booth, and you can choose to print traditional photo strips, postcards, and more. However, something special about modern photo booths is the digital photo options!  Part of the customization for your photo booth included digital customization.  That means that you can pick out different digital options for your photos, including filters, photo frames, graphics, and animations to add to your photos. The digital images also give you a lot more freedom with how you choose to share/ save those pictures. With our modern photo booth software, you can email, text, or post your photos directly to social media.  You and your guests can also create albums of pictures with personalized messages for you to enjoy later. After your event, you will receive a thumb drive with all the photos taken throughout the night, or you can choose to have an online gallery.

Personal Service

These days DIY is all the rage, and when you look up photo booths, you’ll definitely find a lot of beautiful booths that people have made themselves.  While we love a good DIY project as much as the next person, a DIY photo booth has one glaring problem. There’s no one there to keep everything running smoothly without missing out on the party! With a Snap N Pics photo booth rental, we will provide you with a dedicated booth attendant to set up, tear down, and maintain the photo booth throughout your event.  This personal touch makes your photo booth rental completely hands-off and stress-free so that you can enjoy your night with the knowledge that we’ve got everything under control! This personalized service also makes it even more fun for you and your guests to enjoy your photo booth over and over again! Here at Snap n Pics, we love being witness to the fun moments of people’s lives.  Whether we are setting up for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, school dance, or church picnic, we just love seeing people get together, smile, laugh, and have a great time.  Getting to capture all the fun on camera is just a bonus!

If you’re wondering about all the other reasons why we don’t recommend DIY’ing a photo booth, you can find them in our blog post HERE.

So, if you’re planning an event, and you’re looking for something to give it a bit more wow factor and add to the fun, give us a call, and we would love to talk to you about your event and how our photo booth would be the perfect fit!  To get the party started, contact us HERE.