The Invitation

The invitation is your event’s first impression! It tells the guests what they can expect at your party.  A creamy white invitation with beautiful script and gold accents sets the stage for an elegant affair with beautiful gowns, fresh flowers, and a gourmet meal.  A bright, colorful invitation with creative wordplay and a playful theme sets up your guests for a fun and funky party, where they can expect to enjoy a more casual setting.  You will want to make sure that your invitations reflect the tone of your event and get your guests excited to attend.

The Theme

Every good party has an awesome theme! From the glitzy glam of a Gatsby Party to the grungy larger than life feel of a rock and roll party, the theme sets the mood for your guests. Are you worried about getting too specific? No need! Your theme can be as simple as describing the mood you want to set (dreamy, romantic, bubbly, etc.). Selecting a theme should be the first step to planning your event. By doing this, you can coordinate all the elements of your party to fit within your theme! At Snap N Pics Photobooth Rentals, we can customize your photo booth to your party theme!

The Guestlist

A party is genuinely all about the people! A great guest list is what makes a party flow.  You will want to be intentional with your guest list by choosing a good mix of people.  You should invite both extroverts and introverts for the best party flow, as well as people from diverse backgrounds and career fields.  The more diverse the crowd, the more enjoyable your party conversations will be! Most people enjoy learning about new, different, and exciting people.

The Decor

The decor draws your guests into the party and is the first thing they’ll notice when they arrive.  Your decor should transform your space and make it feel uniquely designed for your event. Decorating an event doesn’t always mean elaborate props or expensive centerpieces. A good decor scheme can be as simple as pretty tablecloths, candles, balloons, or streamers. Whether you choose affordable and straightforward or over the top, your decor should set the stage for the party and help put your guests in the mood. Pro Tip: Did you know that Snap and Pics can customize a photo booth to fit the decor of your party? 

The Greeting

Greeting your guests is a huge part of hosting a great party.  When possible, you should attempt to greet each guest as they arrive and introduce them to another guest to prompt connection and conversation. Coming to a party can sometimes feel awkward. Walking in and standing in the entry looking for a familiar face can feel uncomfortable for some. Having someone there to greet them and invite them inside or introduce them to someone engaging helps alleviate that initial awkwardness and get everyone enjoying the party from the moment they walk in.

The Music

Every good party has an incredible playlist! There is nothing worse for a party than silence. If you are creating a playlist, make sure that you have several hours’ worth of music. Try to consider your party schedule while you are creating your playlist. You should have different music playing during the meal portion of the event than you do during the cocktail hour.  If this feels overwhelming to you, you can hire a band, a DJ, or ask a music lover friend to handle this task for you!

The Food

One thing that people always remember about a party is the excellent food (or lack thereof)!  So you’ll want to make sure that whatever you’re serving, whether that be Hors d'oeuvres, a meal, or dessert, whatever you choose should be delicious! Try to have various choices to meet the needs of a range of tastes and dietary requirements.  

The Drinks

Along with good food, your party should have good drinks too! Whether that drink comes in the form of an open bar, a great glass of wine, or a custom non-alcoholic punch, it should be tasty, and it should be plentiful! If you don’t want to be the bartender all night, you can create a yummy cocktail, sangria, or punch ahead of time in a large enough quantity for your event, and then just refill as needed throughout the night.

The Lighting

Set the mood with the proper lighting for your event! If you’re looking for a dreamy, romantic feel, opt for soft lighting with candles and twinkling lights. For more of a dance club vibe, you can use spotlights, neon signs, or strobe lights to get your guests out onto the dance floor! Try not to use overhead lighting or anything too bright. Lower light tends to make people feel less inhibited and more relaxed. Either way, your party should make your event feel comfortable and fun.

The Suprise 

Your event should have something that surprises your guests. Something unique that pulls them in and gives them something to do. A Photobooth is a great choice for this! It’s a unique and fun way for your guests to engage with your party and each other. Fun props, a matching theme, and a keepsake photo to take home will have your guests enjoying your photobooth all night long! Whatever your event, theme, or party size, Snap n Pics has a Photobooth rental package for you! Contact us today to book yours and make your event the most memorable of the year! 


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