In 2022 marketing isn’t what it used to be! The days of traditional marketing and in many cases even digital marketing are lagging behind in the wake of experiential marketing. Experiential Marketing is a way of engaging your audience with interactive brand experiences.  This includes using aspects of all of the traditional types of marketing such as Event Marketing, Digital Marketing, and traditional marketing methods to create an emotional connection with your customers.  That emotional connection in turn increases brand loyalty and helps companies attract and keep more clients.  When a company provides a memorable experience, you’re more likely to keep giving them your business.

More and more lately, you see people looking for the next great experience. With the popularity of Social Media, you are basically guaranteed to have good press in the online space if your customers have a great time at your event. Think about it, if you’re attending a branding event for a local restaurant and they have amazing food, great music, and fun activities for you to engage with, how much more likely are you to snap those selfies and share them on social media? How likely are you to return the next time you want to go out for a nice dinner out? That’s what experiential marketing is all about! 

So, when you’re thinking about your next brand event, don’t sleep on hiring a photo booth to give your guests that fun experience and increase your ROI!  Here are some of the ways a photo booth can make your brand event more successful!

They Increase Brand Awareness

The best thing about a photo booth is that they are completely customizable, which means your photo booth can be 100% branded for your event!  From top to bottom you can use your photo booth to display your brand with the use of colors, logos, and messaging! Starting with your print layout, you can add your company logo and completely design your photo prints to reflect your branding, so anyone who sees that picture will see clearly that it was from your event. You can also increase brand awareness with a custom backdrop. The backdrop for your photo booth is a perfect opportunity to advertise what your company is all about.  It’s like a built-in billboard that your event guests will be advertising for you with each snap of the camera. If that isn’t enough, you can also create custom props to drive the branding home! This is an opportunity to be creative and have fun choosing which types of props will provide the most memorable branding photos as well as be fun for your event attendees to use. 

They are Fun

Fun is what experiential branding is all about, and photo booths are a blast! These days people love taking photos more than ever, and that's why photo booths have become one of the most popular event additions around. People always have a great time grabbing a friend, picking out their favorite props, and hitting that perfect pose in the photo booth. Over the years we’ve had the absolute joy of witnessing just how much our photo booth guests let loose and express themselves, and it is always a great time!

They Increase Brand Engagement

Modern photo booths are so much more than a couple of snaps of a camera and a printed photo strip.  While our photo booths do still provide the instant prints that people love, they are also modernized to include the ability to share the photos digitally. When your event guests are done taking their photos, they are then able to edit them to add frames, stickers, and graphics and share them directly to social media with your branded hashtags.  They can also choose to email or text their photos to save them for later. When your guests start sharing their images on social media, this will bring more eyes to your company and shine a positive light on your products or services. 

They are Stress-Free

Planning a branding event like this is stressful, there are a thousand t’s to cross and i’s to dot and it can get overwhelming very quickly!  The best part about a Snap n Pics photo booth is that it’s a completely hands-off and stress-free feature of your event. With each Snap n Pics rental you’ll get a dedicated staff member who sets up, runs, and tears down your photo booth so you can focus your attention on your guests and enjoying your event! The value of a high quality attraction that needs absolutely no attention from you on the day of the event really can’t be measured. 

So if you’re looking for your next marketing strategy to increase sales and bring in more customers, consider giving them an experience they won’t forget! Get your party planning hat out and let's work together to show your customers a great time and market your business at the same time! 

Call today to reserve your Snap n Pics photo booth!