It’s prom season in America, and that means that kids are getting all glammed up and heading out to dance the night away with their friends! If you are a faculty member or a member of student government and you’re in charge of planning prom for the students in your school, then you know how difficult it can be to think up fun and creative ways for the students to have a good time on and off the dance floor. 

We may be biased, but Snap n Pics has had an absolute blast working prom events for years, and we have loved seeing how much fun our clients have had expressing themselves and capturing their prom memories in our photo booth.

There are many reasons why a photo booth is a perfect addition to your prom night plans. Let's talk about a few of them.

Fun Photos

Now prom pictures have been a staple of the tradition, but the days of stiff, posed, and unflattering prom photos are over! With a photo booth, teens have the opportunity to express themselves fully. They can take pictures with their date, friends, and favorite teachers. We’ve seen creativity and good humor in our experiences working at prom events. You miss out on the imagination with traditional posed photos!

Break Time

Prom is all about dancing. It’s a dance, but it can wear you out! When you’re planning your prom, you want to ensure that the students can have a break from the dance floor. A photo booth is perfect for taking a breather while having a great time!


Every photo booth rental at Snap N Pics includes your choice of tons of different props. We’ve got hats, signs, silly glasses, feather boas, and more to step up your students’ photo booth experience. Props are the best way to encourage your prop guests to be spontaneous! Whether a student is outgoing or shy, everyone really has a great time choosing their favorite props and being silly with their friends for the camera.

Party Favors

Prom is one of the moments in life that you’ll never forget. It’s an iconic part of the high school experience and something that most people will remember fondly for the rest of their lives. One of the best parts of renting a photo booth for prom is the fact that photos can be printed immediately after being taken. Our modern booths can print photo strips, custom postcards, and more like a traditional box-style photo booth.  The photo prints make an excellent party favor for guests to take home to commemorate their special night.

Hands Off Activity

If you’ve ever had to help plan and execute a significant event, you know that there are dozens upon dozens of things to think about. When your event is hosting minors, you have even more responsibility on your plate to ensure that everyone is safe and having a good time in a responsible way. With that responsibility in mind, a photo booth is a perfect activity to add to the mix without adding added stress to your plate.  Each Snap n Pics photo booth rental comes with a dedicated attendant who operates the booth for your entire event.  Set up, maintenance, instructions for use, and tear down are all covered by a member of our team.  That means that this is a fun and safe activity your students can participate in, and you don’t have to do or worry about a single thing! We’ve got your back!

Social Media 

Social media is a massive part of any significant event these days. Whether your event is for 30 people or 300, the chances are that it will be documented on social media in some way, shape, or form. With our modern photo booth style, those attending prom can add filters, stickers, and animation options and then post those photos directly to social media right from the booth. On top of that, they can choose to have their photos texted or emailed to them right away too.


Whether your prom theme is under the sea, roaring 20s, or epic romance, we’ve got a photo booth that can fit right in! Before your event, you can choose from our many fun themes to determine your prop options, the backdrop, and any digital enhancements that you might want to use after the photos are taken. We love working with our clients to help create a beautiful and cohesive look for your event.

If you are planning a prom and haven’t decided on an added activity to keep your attendees busy and having a great time throughout the night, Contact Us today!

We would love to help you and your students/classmates have a fantastic night that you’ll remember forever!